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Valves designed to ensure the quality of water treatment


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Who's Cappers

Created in 2007 by Michel Steiner and Jean-Claude Foucher, Cappers has been based in France since 2008 in Thiers, in the Puy de Dôme region. Since May 2019, Cappers has joined Pollet Water Group, and continues to rely on its major assets: know-how, proximity to suppliers and the flexibility to meet customer needs. Its domestic valves can be used in hot or cold water softening or filtration, with customisation and modularity allowing for a valve that best suits the different needs of the customer. Its industrial range is also modular suiting each application.
With more than ten years of experience in the field of water treatment, Cappers creates products that comply with numerous European standards (ACS, KTW, etc.) and can meet your specific requirements.

Cappers is increasingly committed to its eco-responsible approach:

  • 95% of the parts are manufactured within a 150 km radius of our production site.
  • Circular economy approach: sustainable design, repairable products,
    reusable parts, recyclable raw materials.
  • The different variations, options and accessories of these valves allow us to adapt to your needs. Cappers has an organised, sustainable and controlled approach to waste management.

Thanks to our policy of constant innovation, we are building today the standards of tomorrow.


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Cappers Manufacturing


Production facility, Thiers (France)


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Worldwide experts

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Our Team

Thomas De Muynck

General Manager

In charge of the company’s daily operation.

Ludivine Brun

Management Assistant

Taking care of internal sales, incoming orders and deliveries.

Sylvia Dos Santos

Sales Manager

In charge of our external sales, detecting new opportunities in the water treatment market and responsible for trainings.

Mujdat Topac

Production Manager

Responsible for the continuity in our production, lead times and on-time deliveries.

Sylvain Roche

Technical Manager

In charge of R&D, product improvements and the possible customisation.

Jérémy Seguin

Quality Manager

In charge of quality control and inspection of all incoming parts and outgoing products.

Taha Souhel

IT & Electronics Engineer

In charge of the improvement and development of our electronics as well as the automation of a part of the manufacturing process of our valves, including the test automation.