PWG France on the French television channel BFM

PWG France was interviewed on the French television channel BFM PWG France was interviewed on the French television channel BFM about Greenlife. With Greenlife, PWG France takes up the challenges of modern water management in the tertiary and industrial sector. Watch the interview with our colleagues Alain Saunier and Laure Dramas or take a look at […]

It’s moving at Cappers!

In 2021, Cappers has implemented major changes in its manufacturing organization, the most important has been the introduction of Lean Manufacturing. Mujdat TOPAC, our Production Manager tells us more about it: Mujdat, what is LEAN Manufacturing? “Lean manufacturing focuses on eliminating waste in manufacturing processes to produce the quantity required by the customer, at the […]

Extension of warranty to 60 months

We are proud to announce that our products warranty* has been extended from 3 years to 5 years! Starting in 2021, the warranty on our products*, including the electronic board, increases from 36 months to 60 months. *The Goods are guaranteed free from all manufacturing and / or raw material defects for a period of […]

KTW – UBA attestation for Cappers!

We are very proud to announce that Cappers got KTW-UBA attestation, also better known as KTW-BWGL, for its domestic valves SCA 19 and Ino 20. It received the attestation on the 29th of October 2021. Cappers (France), member of Pollet Water Group, is a manufacturing company for domestic and industrial automatic multiport valves, used for […]

New sales manager

Known by all in the water treatment industry for more than 30 years, Joël Blanckart is appreciated for his technical skills, his kindness and availability. It is now time for Cappers to announce his well-deserved retirement this summer. Sylvia Dos Santos has recently joined Cappers and will succeed Joël on July the 1st 2021. Currently […]

Improvement of piston stems

As part of the continuous improvement of our products, we have modified the material of the piston rods, we now use stainless steel 316 L without Teflon coating. This modification is implemented from the valve N° 020-09301. We remain at your disposal for any further information.

New Quality manager

After 6 years at Cappers, first as Production Manager, then as Quality Manager, Cédric Fabre (on the right of the picture) is now heading for new challenges  at the end of November. We are glad to announce the arrival of Jérémy SEGUIN (on the left of the piscture) as Quality Manager within our company. Curently […]

Raw material change for the by pass body

As previously announced, we continue the transition from Noryl® to Xyron™ After evolving to Xyron ™ for the meter body in July 2019, the valve body in December 2019 and the brine fitting in May 2020, today we complete the material transition on our bypass bodies. This transition will continue so that the majority of […]